Cupcake Creature: Art & Illustration

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
- Thomas Merton

Welcome to my art blog! I'll be posting all kinds of art here.
I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for any follows, likes, reblogs, etc.
Peace and cake! xoxo

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So sorry about the lack of updates here!

I am the most active on my Twitter and FurAffinity.

Today I’ll post all the backlog of submissions I have here!

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I wanted new icons so I made a set for myself. XD
The top happy one will probably be used in most places. The sad one I made moreso for fun & contrast, but will probably use it as icons on private accounts in some places.


Unicorn powers come in handy for cupcake eating UvU
More ponies, oopsie

My half of a pony art trade with gatorguts  gatorguts!!
I had so much fun with this, aaaaa ( /w\)

AAAA my fave MLP villain eeee ;u;
Chrysalis © Hasbro

Okay omg I had to make a ref for her!! ;o; Mainly for art trades, also mainly because PONIES. -squees-

Just a general ref. Her mane is usually worn that way but it can also just be down, which would just be a curly wavy mess.

The background is an official vectorized screenshot from MLP:FiM!!

Anyways that’s about all~ Enjoy!!

I think I drew this after I got back from the hospital?? I’m not sure. XD
One of the things that has kept me happy & sane during this whole medical ordeal is My Little Pony! I’ve always loved it but haven’t seen too many episodes of the show. Luckily, Netflix exists! I caught up completely and fell even more in love with it.

I of course couldn’t resist making a pony-sona, so here she is! I drew this in my sketchbook and even lined & colored it traditionally, but redid it just now digitally. Her name is Buttercream Sprinkles~ ryunwoofie  ryunwoofie helped me name her. UvU

FurAffinity has a banner displayed for every major (sometimes minor) holiday. They get submissions from many artists on the site, and pick the best one to display.
I had made a Valentine’s Day one, unsure if they were even going to post one. I sent it to the owner of the site, and awaited a reply - not much luck. 
A friend of mine pointed it out to the owner & his wife on Twitter, and they loved it. They said they didn’t want to do a Valentine’s Day banner, but changed their mind when they saw my art!
I woke up this morning to many “Congratulations!” confused, still half-asleep, I checked FA. Sure enough, my art is displayed on the top of EVERY page for the day. The site has over 750,000 users, and they will all see my art. I am so lucky!
What a heck of a Valentine’s Day gift.
Here’s a screenshot of the banner of my artwork on the top corner of all pages on the website, and the hi-res of the banner itself!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND LOVE, IT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME. HAPPY LOVE & CHOCOLATES DAY!!! All love applies, not just romantic - tell your best friend you love ‘em!!!

Here are a few more icons! These were mixed in with the last two Valentine’s Day batches I did so the posting order is kinda wonky. There’s also 3 remaining but I’m still waiting on payment/other info from customers, so those will be posted later when they’re done. :3


Here are all the Valentine’s Day Icon sets so far! One of the sets isn’t shown because the commissioner wants it to be a surprise for their special someone on V-Day! (Cute!) That set will be added to this image on the 14th.